Tasha Stanton - Taking neuroscience to the clinic

Taking neuroscience to the clinic: using language and sensorimotor treatment to target the brain in chronic pain

Course Language: English (without translation/ohne Übersetzung)

People with chronic pain are a very challenging patient population to treat. Recent research has highlighted the critical role that the central nervous system plays in the development, maintenance, and recovery from chronic pain. This workshop will explore two primary areas of treatment aiming to target the brain. First, the role and importance of the language we use to communicate about pain will be covered. Various communications strategies as well as the use of interactive means of communication will be discussed to promote effective knowledge translation of complex concepts to patients suffering from chronic pain. Second, treatment strategies used to target the sensorimotor system will be discussed and demonstrated. This will include a clinical overview of tactile discrimination training and graded motor imagery. Last, if time, this workshop will explore some of the new advances in virtual reality, augmented reality and mediated reality and how these may be of use in the clinical setting.

Workshop clinical objectives:

  • To have an increased understanding of the importance of language in pain treatment
  • To have improved knowledge about pain and central nervous system changes as well as an expanded repertoire of available strategies to explain pain neurophysiological concepts to patients.
  • To understand the role and implication of sensory and motor training in chronic pain, focussing on tactile discrimination and graded motor imagery.
  • If there is time, explore new technologies such as virtual, augmented, and mediated reality and their role in the clinical setting.

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